Without You - Caelin Anne
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Meet Caelin

Caelin Anne has been singing and playing music since the age of 13. She started her first band in seventh grade with friends in middle school and they went on to record an EP. In high school Caelin was part of Cold Suspension which consisted of extremely talented young musicians -- together they recorded a two albums one of which was a benefit album for a lower income school in San Jose.


When Caelin was 18 she decided she wanted to branch off and pursue a solo career.Since then Caelin has recorded her EP, "Glimpse" which gained the recognition of a few labels in Austin, TX which is where she now lives. She went on to record a full length album, "Write Your Song" which featured a few of her originals and re-imagined covers . Caelin has been living in Austin, TX for the last four years and just graduated from St. Edwards University.


Caelin is constantly working to make her songwriting and music skills better. Caelin's newest song, Serenity is set to be released in October as her full EP will be released in February 2020. Her sound combines country, folk and dreamy-pop that combines her influences like Kacey Musgraves, Fleetwood Mac, Townes Van Zandt, Emmy Lou Harris, and more. 


Stay updated with Caelin on all of her social media sites and learn how to support her more by visiting her Patreon page below!